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Dialysis Unit

Dialysis is a procedure that completes some of the functions otherwise done by healthy kidneys. It is done when the kidneys can no longer perform the kidney functions. Dialysis can either be done in a hospital, or in a dialysis unit that is not part of a hospital, or at home. Certain kinds of acute kidney failure improve after treatments. In some cases of acute kidney failure, dialysismaybe needed for a shorttime untilthe kidneys get better and then stop kidney dialysis. In chronic or end-stage kidney failure treatment without dialysis is not possible as the kidneys do not get better and dialysis will be required for the rest of the life. The requirement of dialysis when the patient develops end-stage kidney failure, it usually happens by the time when the patient loses about 85 to 90 percent of the kidney function and have a GFR of less than 15.

Hemodialysis: In this procedure, an artificial kidney referred to as hemodialyzer is used to remove waste, extra chemicalsand fluid from the blood. In this procedure, the doctor needs to make an access or an entry point into the blood vessels. This can be done by minor surgery on your arm or leg. However, occasionally, access is made with the help of a narrow plastic tube basically referred to as a catheter, which is inserted into the large vein of the neck. This type of access is mostly temporary, but may sometimes be used for long-term treatment. MAGJ Dialysis unit has 6 dialysis machines. “Karunyasparsham”, The Government scheme is available here. There are also so many social work groups and clubs likeMuthoot Group, Royal club, Jeevadhara, that are providing financial support to the patients.

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